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Terms & Conditions

The contract for food delivery from Myaaku is between you and us. You should be careful with all your details and must assure that these details are complete and accurate when place an order. In addition, you should use your own debit or credit card and make sure that it contains the sufficient funds in order to make the payment.

We will take great care to keep your order details and payment secured .However, we are not be liable for any loss you may suffer if there is no negligence from our side.

It is easy and quick to check the allergen information in store and online. We take all the care to make the fresh and nutritious food. We can't be held liable for the allergic condition arising out of food.

All the prices mentioned on the website are correct while publishing it. Although, we keep ourselves updated, the final price may vary at the delivery time in accordance with the latest prices and menu of the restaurant.

The prices displayed over the website are solely determined by us. It is our sole discretion to alter the menu's price while you place the order.

We assure you that information published on our website is correct and without error. We apologize for any omissions which may have occurred.