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At Myaaku, we provide the one-stop destination for all Bengali dish cravings. We take inspiration from classic Bengali Dishes. Here, we prepare Bengali Cuisine with authentic taste of Bengal like Lau data, Kumro data, Kachur Lati, Kachur Shak, Mochar Ghanta, Dhokar Danla Andda Posta, Andda Kasha , Rahu Fish Posta, Chingri Bhapa etc . We also deliver the food to your doorstep in the hygienic containers on your demand.

We feel pride in providing the supreme quality Bengali food and service with warm and welcoming environment. At Myaaku, you can discover our menu and enjoy the delicious meal made up of completely fresh products.

At Myaaku, we fulfil the appetite spirit of Bengal and provide the must visit space for all the non-vegetarians. We provide the delectable flavors which no one can afford to miss. We provide the broad range of quality Bengali foods to choose from and can satiate your craving for authentic Bengali food at the affordable prices. Our hygienic kitchen is located at DVC market, DPL Township, Durgapur, West Bengal.